Metallurgical Lab Testing

CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD. operates one of the largest independent metallurgical testing laboratories in Western Canada.

We specialize in metallurgical testing for the construction and oil & gas industries including equipment in use, building structures, and engines. As a full-service metallurgical testing lab, we perform various types of microstructure and macrostructure evaluations, specializing in failure analysis investigations. All of our tests are performed to the required standards and cover a wide range of applications and client needs. 

CIC Inspection Metallurgical Lab Testing

Metallurgical testing enables you to improve your products quality and gain a competitive advantage in these industries. As such, understanding what causes equipment or a building product's failure is critical to making improvements. Our metallurgical testing capabilities in construction include:

  • Failure analysis (metals and non-metals)
  • Weld procedure testing
  • Qualifying welders
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metallurgical lab testing servvices

What Situations Call for Metallurgical Lab Testing?

From failure analysis to on-site evaluations, we do it all. We have everything you need in-house, thereby eliminating the need for third-party laboratory testing services. As such we don’t need to send equipment elsewhere for testing, you’ll get your results quicker, and our services are much more cost-effective than alternatives.

When Equipment Fails

We're often called in to test and determine the root cause of the failure. Our team of metallurgical engineer technologists and engineers has extensive failure analysis experience in heavy equipment, steel making, and construction. As experts in the field of failure analyses, we understand the questions that need to be answered. Our goal is to:

  • Deliver answers
  • Solve problems
  • Provide useful recommendations

Furthermore, our test reports are known for their ease of reading. We offer definitive statements about the cause of failure. CIC endeavors to provide logical and accurate analysis for operational and maintenance costs associated with failures.

Quality Assurance & Failure Analysis

CIC’s metallurgical testing services are here to help you identify and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your business operations. We understand that assurance goes beyond testing and inspection. That’s why we provide the support needed to ensure manufacturing consistency.

Our quality assurance services see to it that your products are invariably manufactured to documented specifications. We’re the experts you need to assure your customers that your products or equipment are manufactured in line with a documented quality system.

Reverse Engineering

It’s sometimes necessary to take a product apart not only to discover how it works but also why it works the way it does. By taking apart materials and components, we can help your business improve production processes and enhance product effectiveness. There’s also the added benefit of protecting patents.

With years of experience in using a suite of testing and analytical techniques, the CIC team is well-equipped to help you answer the questions you have about a product, structure, or piece of equipment.

Litigation Support

The engaging of expert witness services is sometimes necessary to settle lawsuits across a wide range of specialties. Appointing experienced professionals with the right set of skills and capabilities is critical in these circumstances.

Our expertise in metallurgical testing and failure analysis makes us your ideal partner when the need arises. Over the years, we've secured an unmatched reputation for providing independent analysis and consulting services in legal and insurance disputes.

At CIC, we work according to your schedule, ensuring you have everything you need to complete your project quickly and on budget. We provide the materials, science, and expertise you need for continuous improvement efforts and even warranty analysis. If your construction business is seeking to improve the quality of your output and gain a competitive advantage, call CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD for your metallurgical lab testing needs.

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