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Looking for the expertise, experience, and resource capacity to provide you with world-leading non-destructive testing?  Call CIC Inspection!

At CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD., we aim to uphold uniform quality standards at the highest level to ensure that we always meet the needs of our customers. This applies not only to conventional NDT services but to special and mechanized test procedures as well. We’re here to help you work faster, more efficiently, and safer whether your business is in oil & gas, construction, government, or other industries.

Metallurgical Lab Testing

Because metallurgy involves heat treatment processes, products and components are often prone to flaws that can be difficult to inspect manually. The CIC team specializes in metallurgical engineering NDT services, allowing for the detection of defects such as cracks, corrosion, and inclusions.

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Structural Steel Inspection

Non-destructive testing is essential to ensuring the safety and reliability of steel and concrete structures. From detecting defects to determining the stress level of the beams of a structure, our NDT services can help you guarantee the safety of your new or existing structures.

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Equipment Inspection

Sometimes a visual inspection isn’t enough to guarantee the safety or durability of a piece of equipment. With NDT equipment inspection, you can spot corrosion, stress, conductivity, and other factors that impact the structural integrity and functioning of equipment.

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Why Choose Non-Destructive Testing from CIC Inspection and Consulting LTD.?

Inspections are a huge but necessary investment in a product – make sure you partner with the right company. Non-destructive testing is crucial to ensuring the safety and reliability of products, systems, and infrastructure. The role of NDT testing in limiting catastrophic failures simply cannot be overstated. Not to mention, it can help you meet the various safety compliance standards in your industry.

Beyond the key aspects of safety, NDT services can be viewed as a value addition tool, helping manufacturers avoid the costly effects of poor-quality products reaching the end consumer.

Our comprehensive range of NDT services can help you:

NDT services help prevent failure of components

Prevent failure of components in the field

NDT services identify defects

Identify defects and irregularities before they become a problem through appropriate failure analysis procedures

NDT services save time

Save time and money through fast, effective, and non-destructive testing of your products, assets, and equipment

NDT services help optimize design & production

Optimize design and production processes to predict failures and improve product design

Delivering Safe, Cost-Effective Inspection Solutions

At CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD., we provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control services that help you prevent failures, malfunctions, and even breakdowns. Our NDT services can be applied at every stage of a product’s lifecycle – from manufacturing to on-site operation. We’re the experts you need to elevate your product offering,

Our certified inspectors are specialists in their field, providing NDT services in accordance with international standards. We work to find what works best for you.

Shutdown & Turnaround Refractory Testing Services

CIC also has a refractory division that caters to the oil and gas industry. Equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory, we provide you with high-tier refractory testing services. Not only do we invest in advanced technologies and methodologies, but we also invest in our personnel. Our refractory testing services are carried out by certified API 936 inspectors with years of hands-on experience.

We provide testing services for refractory lined equipment in the event of an emergency or scheduled maintenance turnarounds/shutdowns. Here's a breakdown of what we can do for you:

  • Appraisal of project-defined vendor refractory installation packages
  • Assessment of vendor specifications and testing in compliance with API 936 Standard
  • Prequalification of refractory installation personnel
  • Monitoring of material installation and application
  • Monitoring of project compliance and providing project support as needed

In all services, we aim to mitigate large-scale refractory failures, reduce health and safety risks in the operation of refractory lined equipment, and increase lifetime of refractory equipment.

refreactory testing services

Get in touch with our NDT experts to find out how we can help you identify defects, mitigate risk, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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