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CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD. is an industry leader in non-destructive testing services and consulting, serving the entirety of Western Canada since 1982. 

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Who We Are

CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD. was founded by Dennis Clarke, a Graduate Metallurgist with over 25 years of industry experience. As one of the founders of CIC Inspection, Dennis has spent the last 20 years working in metallurgical consulting, applying engineering services to solve a diverse range of customer ranges.

Driven by the unrelenting passion of our founder, the CIC team is committed to redefining the non-destructive testing inspection process and pushing the limits of technological innovation. We have continually raised the bar, which is why we've been around much longer than the rest. You can count on us to sharpen your company’s competitive edge and help you maximize business growth and profitability. Our standard services go beyond providing just analytical results, we help our clients with proper sampling procedures and unrelated lubrication problems.

CIC Inspection Accreditations

The CIC Inspection team has grown over the years into a multi-faceted team with extensive global accreditations and recognitions, including CWB, CGSB, and AWS qualifications. We are a licensed CSA W178.1 accredited inspection organization regulated by the Canadian Welding Bureau and abide by ISO 9001:2015.

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What We Do

For 40 years now, oil & gas and construction companies all over Canada have relied on CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD. to ensure the quality, safety, and integrity of their products, systems, and process.

Our experience spans well beyond non-destructive testing services to include:

metallurgical lab testing services

Our team of qualified NDE inspectors and engineer technicians in all disciplines is capable of designing and delivering innovative solutions for the most complex industrial problems. From investigating equipment failure of mining class cranes to regular maintenance inspections at an oil & gas site, we can do it all. Whether your business is local, national, or global, our job is to help you reach industry, safety, and environmental standards. CIC assists companies in mitigating risks and operating in accordance with regulatory requirements. We purpose to deliver highly accurate and reliable NDT services to drive long-term risk assessment.

At CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD., we understand your operations. That’s why we work to establish new standards in quality testing to protect not only consumers but your brand and reputation as our client. Our work is defined by your challenges. Whatever you need, our highly experienced team will work on finding you a solution.

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How We Do It

CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD. has always been a pioneer. Technology is constantly changing, and we aim to change right along with it.

Our in-house metallurgical lab means we don’t have to rely on third parties for failure analysis, weld procedure testing, or qualifying welders. We have the resources and technological capacity to redefine the inspection processes and enhance operational efficiencies.

But above all this, is our dedication to our customers. We apply a customer-centric approach in all we do, aiming to deliver the expertise that enables our customers to power ahead. We're the company you want beside you as you innovate your processes.

From design development to process qualification, CIC Inspection & Consulting LTD. has got you covered. Get in touch with us to see how we can elevate your processes.

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