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CSA W178.1 Certified / Metallurgical & NDE Testing


Services Provided


metallurgical services

Failure Analysis is a powerful tool used in determining both the cause or causes of failures and the operational and maintenance costs associated with failures. Failure analysis is also useful in settlement of insurance and warranty claims. These claims can be successful when an independent analysis demonstrates a manufacturer's compliance to guaranteed performance. This service has proven particularly useful to oil and gas companies, insurance adjusters, mining companies and the construction industry.

CIC endeavors to provide a report which describes, in a logical manner, the elements which caused the failure.

equipment inspection division

An employer is liable for its equipment failure that may or may not result in fatalities on the job. Typically, a non-fatal injury, costs businesses an average of $75,000 - $85,000 indirect liability cost.

CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd.'s reputation for conducting crane and lifting equipment evaluation and fitness for service is unsurpassed. CIC Inspection utilizes modern technological,    non-destructive testing equipment as well as experienced CWB & CGSB qualified personnel. This enables CIC Inspection to perform equipment fitness evaluation to assist our clients to mitigate risk, while maintaining operation of equipment in a safe manner in accordance with regulatory requirements.

material testing

Frequently, companies must wait for a sample test to be completed before important production decisions can be made. We minimize this waiting period by providing clients with rapid and accurate testing of their product.

Our staff of metallurgical engineering technologists represent many years of technical education in the capacity of destructive testing.

refractory testing

The CIC Refractory Material Testing Division was established to serve our client's needs and assist our technical personnel with product evaluations. Our technologists are experienced in testing refractory materials, setting up quality programs for refractory installation projects and trouble shooting on failure problems. Our laboratory facilities allow us to provide accurate, reliable results in chemical analysis and performance testing of refractory materials.

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance includes:

  • Shutdown Inspection
  • Service Inspection
  • Crane Inspection
  • Refractory Inspection
  • Petro/Chemical Plant Survey

In today's market and more than ever before, turnaround projects require skilled manpower and up to date technology in order to minimize down time. For the last 20 years, CIC Inspection has been assisting the Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas as well as the Pulp & Paper industries in meeting those demands by providing qualified individuals with strong, practical inspection backgrounds in all disciplines.

Non-destructive testing & inspection

CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd.'s CGSB certified technicians and CSA 178.2 Inspectors are experienced in providing:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing

Quality assurance expediting

CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd.'s Quality Assurance group provides service to all sectors of the construction, oil and gas and fabrication industries. Our personnel are qualified, maintaining a strong technical background in welding and metallurgical technology.

CIC's commitment is to help companies complete their projects on time and on budget. We are a qualified CSA 178.1 organization utilizing an approved CSA Z299.4 Quality Assurance Program.

Site steel installation

Our personnel are qualified individuals with strong practical background in welding, metallurgy and non-destructive testing. Our experience has benefited many companies by assisting them to complete projects on time and on budget.

CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd. maintains continuous involvement throughout the life of the project starting at the first kick off meeting. CIC Inspection maintains inspection coverage in the fabrication shop in compliance with CWB requirements. We also provide surveillance of joint fit-up, dimensional and orientation inspection, non-destructive testing, as well as witnessing tests and auditing required certifications, consumables, weld procedures and Quality Programs.

Substation & transmission line inspection

Since 2005, CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd. has worked with a number of leading power line construction companies in the capacity of a quality control/quality assurance contractor as well as a welding/metallurgical consultants. CIC Inspection utilizes visual, ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspection techniques to assure weld integrity and metallurgical consulting on material failures and the trouble shooting of welding-related issues. CIC Inspection also supplied fabrication and shop surveillance inspection during the fabrication stages of these projects in western Canada and the United States.