CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd.
CSA W178.1 Certified / Metallurgical & NDE Testing


Pipeline Industry Services

The integrity of your pipeline can be the difference between smooth day to day operation and catastrophic failure. CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd will provide you piece of mind when it comes to the risks involved and your pipeline.

CIC Inspection & Consulting Ltd will conduct the following services and provide relevant data to make sound decisions.

- Welding Procedure Development                                          - Ongoing Performance Monitoring & Testing

- Third Party Audits                                                                   - Field/Jobsite Audit

- Fabrication Shop Audit                                                          - Surface Preparation Audit

- Consulting Services                                                                - Codes and Standards Procurement and Supply

- Metallurgical & Mechanical Testing                                      - Tensile Testing

- Charpy Impact Testing                                                           - Non-Destructive Testing

- Magnetic Particle Inspection                                                  - Liquid Penetrant Inspection

- Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection                                        - Coating Inspection

- Corrosion Survey                                                                    - Failure Analysis

- Quality Control/Quality Assurance